About Us

In 1980, he began to think about creating a radio station in the westernmost part of Cuba. Lucio Bencomo Valle, who at that time was the First Secretary of the Party in the territory, was very moved by the wonderful idea since at that time in this area many subversive stations were heard that counter-revolutionary messages attacked Cuba. In addition Sandino was the municipality with the largest educational mass in the province of Pinar del Rio and it was important to inform the western regions what was happening in the educational centers.

The construction is authorized and then begins to look for the premises for the realization of this work. The site should be central and located in the very heart of the city. A branch of the Pedagogical Branch was authorized where the members of the detachment Manuel Azcunce Doménech were located.

The radio station Radio Sandino was inaugurated on October 10, 1981 in the westernmost area of ​​Cuba, Sandino, with the aim of informing the work of the 31 educational centers of this territory. In its beginnings this station transmitted 6 hours of programming. The programs were basically aimed at the students and workers of the 31 new types of schools that existed in Sandino so that students could listen to it without interrupting the day of study and work.

The station at that time had 19 workers in total, relying on the broad movement of correspondents and voluntary collaborators, where the students themselves did the youth programming.

At first the profile of the station was eminently student, preferably youth, where music and information programs predominated responding to the objectives of the Party and the State. Later, other programs were introduced that were directed to other sectors such as the peasantry and children, as well as the transmission of dramatized programs carried out in the Provincial Radio Station Guamá. At this stage we had a very close link with the schools in the field because we had a daily program aimed at this sector, which forced us to have a lot of dynamism and creativity overcoming obstacles to comply, first with transportation because the programs were recorded in the schools and in many occasions they were broadcast live, later it was improved thanks to the support of the provincial direction of Radio that facilitated a transport.

It was a stage with great difficulties with the transmitter which was an obsolete equipment with more than 50 years of operation and with only one kilo of power located in the area of ​​Bolivar, with a link by wire which extended for more than 18 km inside the pine curtains, sometimes affected by the effects of nature and there were long interruptions, a situation that improved with the sending of a radio link.

But Radio Sandino also transcends the territorial scope, because the internet has changed it in the way of listening to it.

We have a Website born on August 22, 2007, coinciding with the 43rd anniversary of the founding of Ciudad Sandino, the Radio Sandino Website marked an important milestone in the history of the media in the municipality and the province.

Its first structure had a white and green background, with a fairly simple architecture, two columns, but soon evolved to become a more professional and studied product.

Under the head presented the sections News, Municipal Cultural, National, Sports, and Image Gallery.

From its beginnings it went on the air hosted by ICRT (www.radiosandino.icrt.cu)

At the beginning of December 2007, Radio Sandino began the process of redesigning the site, which was completed on the 22nd of the same month.

From there we join the sovereign intention, permanent until today, to break the siege of silence on Cuba and stop the slanderous campaigns against the island are constantly orchestrated in the mainstream media.

Among the general purposes of Radio Sandino is to spread the economic, political and cultural, of the municipality. Contribute to the dissemination and promotion of positive results in the different sectors and social sectors. Disseminate the different cultural identity expressions of the territory and of the different nationalities that make up the Training Program for Latin American Doctors located in this region of the country. Promote the radio production of our station by issuing a product of its own making with themes of general culture.

The Radio Sandino website has been incorporating different tasks according to the new elements such as new redesigns, the use of multimedia, the link to important Social Networks and content management.

Its strategic objectives include: Sensitize international public opinion about core issues of the Cuban reality.

And it does not foresee the use of advertising within its content, only promotions.

Taking advantage of the dynamics of the radio, the site promotes the publication of information about the territory, Cuba and the world, as well as other sections of interest, inserting in their daily routine editorials, comments and interviews that due to their importance should appear immediately on the web. The so-called complex genres are preponderant in the weekly updates that are combined with graphic materials, audio and video, whenever required, to complete the multimedia language of the Internet. For this endeavor is nourished by the daily work of the reporters and the gender materials that are oriented for this writing, the service of the collaborators, along with the members of the Digital Writing.

The organization of discussion forums and theoretical workshops on core issues have also characterized the task of the last stage.

As a result of its work, the Sandino Web Radio has been recognized for its work as a means of communication in the dissemination of the social, political and cultural work of this territory, as well as in the different national coverage that have been carried out in this period. He has also obtained recognition in the FORUM of Science.

Currently, 15 hours are broadcast from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. with a varied program dedicated to all age groups of society.